Yoga with Angela

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"Angela's way of teaching yoga is challenging and creative, and at the same time helpful and healing. She - quickly and carefully - puts together a sequence of asanas, pranayama and yogic intention that fits to the needs of her students. Breathe, quit old patterns, transform, grow - she takes you on a trip into the deeper layers of yoga. By adding new impulses and influences to her knowledge and teaching, her classes are always new, always a joy - and always a full body and mind experience!"

Susanne Thams, RYS Certified Yoga Teacher

"I met Angela at a detox retreat in Thailand where she was a resident teacher. Angela was very patient, taking extra time after class to show me and my husband a few asanas we could practice in the morning together. My husband had never tried yoga before and couldn't even touch his toes. Angela was really encouraging. She's a kind and caring teacher. If I lived in her city, I'd definitely attend her classes. I'd love to have her as a yoga teacher again."

Catharine Partha (The Spa Resorts Chiang Mai)

"Whenever I need a teacher for my classes, Angela is on the top of my list of teachers to call - students love her classes and I always get good feedback afterwards. I highly recommend Angela as a teacher."

Tatjana Mesar, founder of the Zen Yoga Berlin.
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