Yoga with Angela

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About Angela

Angela grew up in Sydney, Australia, and first experienced Yoga at age 16 whilst working with a touring theatre company. She revisited Yoga technique alongside dance and contemporary theatre at University, but after giving birth to her son she began to really use Yoga practice in a healing capacity for mind, body and soul here in Berlin, Germany.

Trained in Vinyasa Flow Yoga, and a graduate of Advanced Techer Training in Forrest Yoga - she is committed to nourishing both mind and body, off and on the mat. Angela has had the privilege of teaching Yoga at different locations around the world from Australia, Thailand, Germany, UK, France - and with people of all differing ages, nationalities, and needs. She has taught Pregnancy Yoga, Yoga for Addicts, Yoga for Athletes, and child Yoga. She has also had the privilege to train alongside Mark Stephens, Kathryn Budig and Ana. T Forrest.

Angela is deeply passionate about healing and continually evolving - starting to teach yoga in 2014 was the best way to be of service through her knowledge. Her style of teaching continues to change and adapt as she draws on experiences that shift consciousness.

About My Yoga Practice

Angela blends and incorporates expansive ideas from different Yoga traditions - Vinyasa, Forrest Yoga, Hatha, Yin, Yoga Therapy, and Body work schools - Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Butoh, Contemporary dance, Massage - with fields of the Psychology sciences and Energetic sciences to create dynamic classes that cater to the needs of individuals.

Classes build both physical and mental strength and flexibility through creative sequencing, Pranayama, Breath work, Props, Chanting, Meditation and sound, and working with the subtle Energetic body so we have many tools and opportunities to tap into our human existence.

Asanas work to target areas in the body to unlock energy, calm the nervous system, balance the Endocrine System, treat a range of disorders, Sleep disorders, Eating disorder, Anxiety, SPD, boost immunity, speed recovery from surgery or illness - and ultimately serve the individual - wherever they are in their life, Physically, spiritually or mentally.

The Yoga Mat is a tool to explore who we are, who we want to be and how we can enrich our lives to maximise our potential as whole human beings. When we meet our needs, we can let go of the attachments that hold us back. The many benefits of Yoga Practice are readily documented, and Endorphin Yoga is a unique experience within that that will help heal and nourish you.

Classes are taught all around Berlin - in English by RYS certified Teacher, Angela Collins. Private Classes and Special Events are also available.

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